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Bed Bug in Bronx

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The insidious trait of bed bugs in Bronx & NYC and around the world is how sneaky they are. Bed bugs are capable of hiding in almost any crack or crevice. Yes, they get their name from their tendency to hide in bedding, sheets, mattresses and bed frames, but that’s not the only place they can infest. Bed bugs can  also crawl behind picture frames on the wall, too, or within electrical sockets, other types of furniture and carpeting. If your property has been infested,  small red bites may appear on your arms, legs and torso.
Whatever you may be experiencing when it comes to bed bugs,

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Bed bug exterminators are in Bronx  Ready to Help You . Our pest specialists are trained to detect bed bug infestations.   find all of their hiding places, and offer effective treatments to dispose of bed bugs. during all of their life stages. the 24 Hour Exterminating in NYC Call  For Service  today. At : (914)-412-5711

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are insects. They are very small,  almost impossible to see, and are part of the Cimex family of insects. These tiny, crawling, insects feed only on blood,  like tiny vampires. They do not have wings and cannot fly. Bed bugs go through numerous life stages during the life cycle and in nearly all stages, they require a blood meal to molt and eventually to produce eggs and reproduce.

Bed bugs  feed on the blood of mammals and humans in particular.

This means they seek out humans, using the various sensory organs  their body contains, to find people to feed upon and then they hide and lay eggs near the food source they have found.
Do bed bugs in NYC?

Yes, bed bugs bite

They have specially designed mouth parts,  which they use to pierce the skin and into a blood vessel. Much like other blood-feeding insects, such as mosquitoes, they inject chemicals into the hole they create. The first is a mild anesthetic  so the person being bitten does not feel the bite and disturb the bed bug. The second chemical is an anticoagulant so  the blood flows freely into the bed bug’s system and does not clot.
What do bed bug bites look like?
What bed bugs bites look like to your average NYC resident.  depends on the person being bitten. Sometimes the bites just appear like a slight red rash on the body. Other times, the reaction to the bite and the fluids injected are a bit more intense and the bites itch and become raised red bumps much like mosquito bites.

Bed bugs tend to feed in clusters. Thus, the person bitten by bed bugs may find a row of bites along the arm or torso.

Wildlife Management, Animal Control Service

At 24 Hour Exterminating, we manage wildlife  and the problems they cause with a science-based approach. With our services, we’ll safely and humanely remove any unwanted animals on your property. From trapping to relocating wildlife, our trained professionals will handle the entire process, including the cleaning of nests and droppings. We’ll also make sure wildlife don’t return in the future through exclusion methods like installing barriers and sealing entry points.
We manage the following wildlife animals:
Squirrels (Red, Flying, Grey)
Birds (house sparrow, starling, pigeon, woodpecker) nesting material removal and relocation of birds
Bird Prevention
Home inspections for Buyers and Sellers

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